Adaptable, versatile and interested in many styles of music.
Extensive touring in US, Canada and Japan.
Very experienced with clicks and sequencers, live and in studio.
Energetic, dynamic and aggressive performer.
Reliable and responsible team player.
No dependents, addictions or convictions.

More About Gene

Has anyone ever been forced to play the drums, or been dragged unwillingly to drums lessons? I doubt it.

My earliest recollection of music was wearing headphones and playing along to a Creedence Clearwater Revival record while drumming on my first junior-size kit at age 4, which I allegedly destroyed. I'm so fortunate to have parents who encouraged and tolerated my passion and obsession to pursue this loud, expensive, 4-way coordinated instrument.

During my teens, I had weekly lessons with the great Lou Williamson Jr. He taught me the other 3 'R's...Reading, Rudiments and Rhythm. Lou was primarily a jazz guy ( small group & big band) and though he understood my fascination with rock, he emphasized absorbing various forms of jazz, Latin, funk and military styles. He also pointed out the limitless patterns that are possible on the drum set.

After high school, friends and I signed a recording contract based on our first demo efforts of writing original songs. 2 singles were produced and released by the multi-talented Montreal guitarist/composer Walter Rossi.

Then came the school of night clubs and living on the road...6 nights a week, month after month, long drives, short rests, and hauling tons of gear on a lean diet...good times!

Having relocated to other cities and countries has benefitted me by working with many talented musicians, and sound engineers. Most of this experience is from recording and showcasing original projects, while another aspect has been learning a large repertoire of cover songs, requiring a different set of skills, much like studio vs. live performance are uniquely separate challenges.

My musical tastes, influences,favorite drummers,etc are extremely varied. I feel obligated to list the ones that come to mind, so here goes: Rush, James Brown, Beethoven, The Doors, Amy Winehouse, The Moody Blues, Eminem, Pet Shop Boys, Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, Dwight Yoakum, Nine Inch Nails...see the pattern? Wait, there's more!

I never wore a school jacket, didn't go to my prom, and the only gang I ever wanted to be in was a 'band'.

Thanks for reading, now you know why I put the bullet bio at the top!